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Name:Small Business Tax Division
Full Name:Mr Hector Thompson
Title:General Manager
Department | Service:Small Business Tax Division
Location:Treasury Building, Langton Crescent, Parkes ACT 2600
Phone:(02) 6263 3998
Fax:(02) 6263 4352
Department Website:http://www.treasury.gov.au

Description | Department Details

The Small Business Tax Division provides policy advice and prepares legislation on the business tax system. The division covers issues that define taxable business income and deductions irrespective of the form of business entity that earns it (e.g. company or partnership), or the form of the expenses. The division also covers specific entity issues such as the taxation of partnerships, trusts and companies (including the dividend imputation system and consolidation of company groups). Specific incentives for business such as the incentives for research and development, and for certain classes of taxpayers (such as primary producers and the insurance industry) as well as specific taxation arrangements for financial instruments are covered by the division. The Division also provides advice to the government on the special taxation needs of small business and the taxation of resources.

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